Lawyer Spotlight: Natalie Leon

A monthly series that aims to shine a light on the worlds of the lawyers behind your case.

Lawyer Spotlight: Natalie Leon2019-01-16T06:39:13+00:00

Pinder v. Farmers

In this compelling trial, the jury denied the plaintiff’s claim relating to fire damage on the basis of a willfully false statement in the Proof of Loss.

Pinder v. Farmers2019-01-13T18:32:27+00:00

Moore v. Getahun

A case confirming privilege of communications with experts

Moore v. Getahun2019-01-14T07:04:08+00:00

Cicinsky v. Ontario

In this noteworthy construction case, we successfully brought a motion for summary judgment.

Cicinsky v. Ontario2019-01-13T18:36:12+00:00